Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Creighton Club 163rd Conference Program (2017)

The Creighton Club
New York State Philosophical Association
The 163rd Conference Program
Saturday September 23rd 2017
Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)


8:30 AM
Coffee & Pleasantries
9:00 AM
Einar Bohn (University of Agder): “Panpsychism, the Combination Problem, and Plural Properties”
  • Commentator: Michael Rieppel (Syracuse University)
10:15 AM
Coffee & Pleasantries
10:30 AM
Paul Silva (University of Pennsylvania): “Justified Group Belief Is Evidentially Responsible Group Belief”
  • Commentator: Earl Conee (University of Rochester)
11:45 AM
1:30 PM
Sam Kampa (Fordham University): “Imaginative Immersion” (winner of the Graduate Student Presentation Award)
  • Commentator: Carolyn Garland (Syracuse University)
2:45 PM
Coffee & Pleasantries
3:00 PM
Cassie Herbert (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): “Derogatives: Beyond Insults and Slurs”
  • Commentator: Heidi Savage (SUNY Geneseo)
4:15 PM
Business meeting

The Duty to Object
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University)

4:30 PM

MEETING DETAILS: The 2017 meeting is located on the campus of Syracuse University. Parking is available in the University's Quad 4 (Q4) parking lot, near the corner of Euclid Avenue and College Place. For directions see here. If the Q4 lot is full, park in the Waverly lot, which is just a block down the hill. See a campus map here. A nearby hotel is here.

The location of the conference is 500 Hall of Languages, roughly in the center of campus.  

Participants can purchase lunch at the Marshall Square Mall.