Friday, October 19, 2018

2018 Conference Program

The Creighton Club
New York State Philosophical Association
The 164th Conference Program
Saturday November 3, 2018
132 Lyman Hall
Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)


8:30 AM
Coffee & Pleasantries
9:00 AM
Stephen Kershnar (SUNY Fredonia): “Consequentialism and the Case of Symmetrical
  • Commentator: Michelle Kosch (Cornell University)
10:15 AM
Coffee & Pleasantries
10:30 AM
Benjamin Lennertz (Colgate University): “Probabilism without Arguments”
  • Commentator: Hille Paakkunainen (Syracuse University)
11:45 AM
1:30 PM
Arturo Javier-Castellanos (Syracuse University): “A Counterpart-Theoretic Response to
Heller’s Argument Against Metaphysical Indeterminacy” (winner of the Graduate Student
Presentation Award)
  • Commentator: Robert Wesley (Cornell University)
2:45 PM
Coffee & Pleasantries
3:00 PM
Adam Kolber (Brooklyn Law School): “The Time Frame Challenge to Retributivism" 
  • Commentator: Steven Lee (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)
4:15 PM
Business meeting

How to be an Idealist and a Realist at the Same Time, Kantian Style
Anja Jauernig (New York University)
4:30 PM

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MEETING DETAILS: The 2018 meeting is located on the campus of Syracuse University. Parking 
is available in the University's Quad 4 (Q4) parking lot, near the corner of Euclid Avenue and College 
Place. For directions see here. If the Q4 lot is full, park in the Waverly lot, which is just a block down 
the hill. See a campus map here. A nearby hotel is here.

The location of the conference is 132 Lyman Hall, only a short walk from the Hall of Languages 
(where the philosophy department is located).  

Participants can purchase lunch at the Marshall Square Mall.

RSVP: there will be an informal dinner held after the conference at the expense of attendees (location
TBD).  Please email us at if you plan to attend so that we can make a
more accurate reservation.